Definition of "molar" []

  • Chemistry Relating to or designating a solution that contains one mole of solute per liter of solution. (adjective)
  • Chemistry Containing one mole of a substance. (adjective)
  • Physics Of or relating to a body of matter as a whole, perceived apart from molecular or atomic properties. (adjective)
  • A tooth with a broad crown used to grind food, located behind the premolars. (noun)
  • Of or relating to the molars. (adjective)

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Use "molar" in a sentence
  • "For instance, in pulling a back tooth he recommends that the gums be incised so as to loosen them around the roots, and then the tooth itself may be drawn with a special forceps which he calls a molar forceps."
  • "On the way back to the interstate, we stopped at a Del's Lemonade truck, but I think I "can has" no more Del's until the cracked molar is fixed."
  • "In rare cases, a condition called molar pregnancy causes brownish vaginal discharge in early pregnancy."