Definition of "modeling" []

  • The act or art of sculpturing or forming in a pliable material, such as clay or wax. (noun)
  • Representation of depth and solidity in painting, drawing, or photography. (noun)
  • Visual shape and texture of something regarded aesthetically, especially the human face or form. (noun)
  • The act or profession of being a model. (noun)
  • A representation, usually on a smaller scale, of a device, structure, etc (noun)

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  • (as modifier) (noun)
  • A standard to be imitated (noun)
  • A representative form, style, or pattern (noun)
  • A person who poses for a sculptor, painter, or photographer (noun)
  • A person who wears clothes to display them to prospective buyers; mannequin (noun)
  • A preparatory sculpture in clay, wax, etc, from which the finished work is copied (noun)
  • A design or style, esp one of a series of designs of a particular product (noun)
  • An original unique article of clothing (noun)
  • A simplified representation or description of a system or complex entity, esp one designed to facilitate calculations and predictions (noun)
  • An interpretation of a formal system under which the theorems derivable in that system are mapped onto truths (noun)
  • A theory in which a given sentence is true (noun)
  • To make a model of (something or someone) (verb)
  • To form in clay, wax, etc; mould (verb)
  • To display (clothing and accessories) as a mannequin (verb)
  • To plan or create according to a model or models (verb)
  • To arrange studio lighting so that highlights and shadows emphasize the desired features of a human form or an inanimate object (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "modeling" in a sentence
  • "Mathematical modeling is now only a subset of the sort of modeling that is practically possible."
  • "WiseWindow is charting new territory in modeling consumer behavior based on social media comments."
  • "The idea behind traditional pinup modeling is not to be trashy or overly-provocative, but to embody a cute and sexy girl next door look."