Definition of "mode" []

  • A manner, way, or method of doing or acting: modern modes of travel. See Synonyms at method. (noun)
  • A particular form, variety, or manner: a mode of expression. (noun)
  • A given condition of functioning; a status: The spacecraft was in its recovery mode. (noun)
  • The current or customary fashion or style. See Synonyms at fashion. (noun)
  • Music Any of certain fixed arrangements of the diatonic tones of an octave, as the major and minor scales of Western music. (noun)
  • A manner or way of doing, acting, or existing (noun)

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  • The current fashion or style (noun)
  • Any of the various scales of notes within one octave, esp any of the twelve natural diatonic scales taken in ascending order used in plainsong, folk song, and art music until 1600 (noun)
  • (in the music of classical Greece) any of the descending diatonic scales from which the liturgical modes evolved (noun)
  • Either of the two main scale systems in music since 1600 (noun)
  • A complex combination of ideas the realization of which is not determined by the component ideas (noun)
  • That one of a range of values that has the highest frequency as determined statistically (noun)
  • The quantitative mineral composition of an igneous rock (noun)
  • One of the possible configurations of a travelling or stationary wave (noun)
  • One of the fundamental vibrations (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "mode" in a sentence
  • "Something was said of the propriety of walling up the culprit alive, -- a mode of disposing of small family-matters somewhat _à la mode_ in those times."
  • "This mode of thinking is the _mode of re-creation_, of realization."
  • "Panasonic's iA (Intelligent Auto) mode is further advanced in the FX700 with the addition of Motion Deblur mode* by updating the motion detection (Intelligent ISO Control) and brightness control (Intelligent Exposure) to gain the highest shutter speed possible."