Definition of "missionary" [mis•sion•ary•a•ry]

  • (noun) One who is sent on a mission, especially one sent to do religious or charitable work in a territory or foreign country.
  • (noun) One who attempts to persuade or convert others to a particular program, doctrine, or set of principles; a propagandist.
  • (adjective) Of or relating to missions or missionaries.
  • (adjective) Engaged in the activities of a mission or missionary.
  • (adjective) Tending to propagandize or use insistent persuasion: missionary fervor.

Use "missionary" in a sentence

  • "This missionary had a son in the school, and I noticed that, whatever the “missionary” might have said or done with regard to others, he was careful not to take his son away from the institution."
  • "This, be it remembered, is the testimony of an ideal industrial missionary, who, however, was also much more than a mere industrial missionary*"
  • "The word missionary always seemed to facilitate entry when needed."

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