Definition of "miri" [miri]

  • Little known Kamarupan languages (noun)

WordNet. Princeton University. 2010.

Use "miri" in a sentence
  • "Andrew Self funniest of the year? thats big talk with movies like Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Tropic Thunder out. but if any movie can take them down its either Zack and Miri or Role Models. krackajap anyone else laugh at the "auditions today" sign? robN oh Ms. Banks you are so fine south texas terror zack and miri make an adult themed love memoir"
  • "Kaki used double miri Lijjat Papad (pepper) but you could use any."
  • "Wed 07/14/10 4:00 PM kevin smith… clerks 1&2 silent bob and jay great like the allens comedy team… miri was so sweet that character was so me… kevin smith please make a clerks 3 i would like to be in it too."