Definition of "milking-stool" []

  • (noun) A stool used to sit on while milking a cow. The stool in common use has three legs. In Switzerland one is used consisting of a disk which can be strapped to the person, with a sharpened or pointed prop about a foot long.

Use "milking-stool" in a sentence

  • "But Jim picked up a loose leg of a milking-stool, and the two went at it hammer and tongs."
  • "So Mabel took the tin pail, and sat down on the little low milking-stool; and soon, to her father's astonishment, she finished milking, the cow having stood all the while as quiet as a lamb."
  • "Wynter, picking up a milking-stool, advances leisurely towards him, and seating herself upon it just in front of him, crosses her hands over her knees and looks expectantly up at him with a charming smile."

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