Definition of "militainment" []

  • A form of entertainment that features or celebrates the military. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "militainment" in a sentence
  • "Over at Foreign Policy, there's a neat retrospective of "militainment" -- entertainment or educational games with a military theme."
  • "We couldn't wage our current wars without the all-volunteer military whose recruitment goals get fed every year by idealistic young people, who continue, despite all counter-evidence bursting off the front pages, to buy into the romance and excitement of war and armed do-goodism that the recruiters, with the help of a vast "militainment" industry, peddle like so many Joe Camels."
  • "As someone who has been railing about the fictional quality of so much news reporting from Iraq, and the 'militainment' that has so distorted understanding of the conflict, its exciting to acknowledge that the war finally has a show of its own."
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