Definition of "might" [might]

  • (noun) The power, force, or influence held by a person or group.
  • (noun) Physical strength.
  • (noun) Strength or ability to do something. See Synonyms at strength. See Regional Note at powerful.
  • (auxiliary-verb) Used to indicate a condition or state contrary to fact: She might help if she knew the truth.
  • (auxiliary-verb) Used to indicate a possibility or probability that is weaker than may: We might discover a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Use "might" in a sentence

  • "I kind of agree with this, except dogs might *might* be an exception."
  • "I might - *might* - consider not buying the manga I'd never heard of before but looks oh-so interesting if I knew any of these were coming out that week:"
  • "I wrote about what might–and I emphasize the word *might*–be an indication that some small steps have actually been taken in my Blog-Against-Sexism-Day post."

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