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Definition of "micrograph" [mi•cro•graph]

  • A drawing or photographic reproduction of an object as viewed through a microscope. (noun)
  • An instrument used to make tiny writing or engraving. (noun)

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Use "micrograph" in a sentence
  • "Tel: 49-3025-4860 www. photography "Microphotography: Beauty Beyond the Visible" exhibits a series of works from the microcosmic universe, including purely scientific images that nonetheless offer aesthetic appeal, such as the very earliest micrograph works ever made in 1840."
  • "It looks like a TEM micrograph of some kind of migratory cell, but I can't be sure ..."
  • "An electron micrograph shows the grains of pollen sticking to a bee's leg. And a close-up of a leaf's epidermis displays the tiny openings that regulate the exchange of carbon dioxide, oxygen and water vapor."