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Definition of "microeconomic" [microeconomic]

  • Of, or relating to, a microeconomy (adjective) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "microeconomic" in a sentence
  • "Because it was deeply anchored in microeconomic theories of the behavior of individual consumers and firms, the models developed by Hicks offered far better ways to study the consequences of changes in various parameters than did earlier general equilibrium models (such as Léon Walras 'general equilibrium system of equations)."
  • "A number of awards have also been given for contributions in microeconomic theory, dealing with decision-making by individual households and firms, and the allocation of resources among different uses and production sectors in the economy."
  • "Simon Kuznets, were Abba Lerner and Fritz Machlup in microeconomic theory; Evsey Domar in macroeconomic theory and the theory of economic growth; T.C. Liu in mathematical economics, and two teachers of mathematical statistics and of sampling design in the School of Public Health."