Definition of "mica" []

  • Any of a group of chemically and physically related aluminum silicate minerals, common in igneous and metamorphic rocks, characteristically splitting into flexible sheets used in insulation and electrical equipment. (noun)
  • Any of a group of lustrous rock-forming minerals consisting of hydrous silicates of aluminium, potassium, etc, in monoclinic crystalline form, occurring in igneous and metamorphic rock. Because of their resistance to electricity and heat they are used as dielectrics, in heating elements, etc (noun)

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  • "Micas provide shimmer because a mica is a flat platelet that reflects and refracts light, similar to a diamond in the sun."
  • "A question for Anne-Marie: The Bramble Berry website says that the shamrock mica is a bleeding color -- will this be an issue with the layered soap?"
  • "Dragonlady~ The heavy metal gold mica is a brand new product that we are actually testing right now (we love it too)!"