Definition of "meum" []

  • Lit., mine; that which is mine; -- used in the phrase meum et tuum, or meum and tuum; ; to be dishonest. (noun)
  • Mine and thine: used to express rights to property

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Use "meum" in a sentence
  • "That foremost of speakers, Narayana, beholding those Rishis thus filled with wonder, addressed them in these sweet and refreshing words, 'Why, indeed, has wonder filled the hearts of this assemblage of Rishis, these ascetics that are always free from attachment of every kind, that are divested of the idea of meum, and that are fully conversant with every sacred science?"
  • "Once freed from the idea of meum implies him who identifies himself with all creatures; him, that is, in whom the idea of self has been extinguished."
  • "Freedom from the idea of meum, freedom from egoism, freedom from expectations, looking on all with an equal eye, and freedom from desire, -- these constitute the eternal religion of the good."