Definition of "metapsychic" []

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Use "metapsychic" in a sentence
  • "There, also, is God-the Archon-the metapsychic organizing power: the formless shaper of form."
  • "Not in a situation so hopelessly barbaric, so alien to her human metapsychic nature."
  • "Once they were secluded within the white silk, she wove metapsychic screens and blotted out the carnival hurly-burly."
  • "THE TRIMARAN FLEW WESTWARD BENEATH THE OUTTHRUSTING arm of Aven, skimming the shallow salt lagoon by virtue of the metapsychic gale Mercy had whistled up when Bryan protested that the day was too calm for sailing."
  • "She finds our manners barbarous, our mental patterns adolescent, and our sexual mores incompatible with the ritual monogamy and sublimation fostered among the metapsychic elite of her Milieu."