Definition of "melody" [mel•o•dy]

  • A pleasing succession or arrangement of sounds. (noun)
  • Musical quality: the melody of verse. (noun)
  • Music A rhythmically organized sequence of single tones so related to one another as to make up a particular phrase or idea. (noun)
  • Music Structure with respect to the arrangement of single notes in succession. (noun)
  • Music The leading part or the air in a composition with accompaniment. (noun)
  • A succession of notes forming a distinctive sequence; tune (noun)

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  • The horizontally represented aspect of the structure of a piece of music (noun)
  • Sounds that are pleasant because of tone or arrangement, esp words of poetry (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "melody" in a sentence
  • "The melody flows or soars like the song of a bird, because it is the free expression, not of musical fantasy, as such (the unconscious play of tonal fancy), but the flow of _melody_, _song_, the soaring of spirit in some one particular direction, floating upon buoyant pinions, and in directions well conceived and sure."
  • "They start with an instrumental prelude where the main melody is played on the harmonium, accompanied by the tabla, and which may include improvised variations of the melody."
  • "The main melody is quite pretty, and the beat is one that could definitely work on the dancefloor."