Definition of "markup" [markup]

  • A raise in the price of an item for sale. (noun)
  • An amount added to a cost price in calculating a selling price, especially an amount that takes into account overhead and profit. (noun)
  • A session of a U.S. congressional committee at which a legislative bill is put into final form. (noun)
  • The collection of detailed stylistic instructions written on a manuscript that is to be typeset. (noun)
  • Computer Science The collection of tags that describe the specifications of an electronic document, as for formatting. (noun)

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Use "markup" in a sentence
  • "This is -- and maybe we don't always pay as close attention to something like this, Tony, what we call a markup, where these members of this committee are taking a bill, and they are going through it really line by line, taking out things they don't want, making adjustments to things, making changes."
  • "That's why I was pressing last week to move ahead with what we call the markup in Judiciary, and I am hopeful we will get the bill to the floor this week."
  • "I've looked here in the US but the markup is too high for me to sell it in my area."