Definition of "maoist" [maoist]

  • Of or relating to Maoism (adjective)
  • An advocate of Maoism (noun)

WordNet. Princeton University. 2010.

Use "maoist" in a sentence
  • "Report Abuse listen every body, since they are not muslims, they are called maoist rebels, had it been muslims, they would be terrorists!"
  • "Ayers, of course, had long held what the left once knew, broadly, as "maoist" politics - a view of the world that was opposed to Russian style bureaucratic communism from above, instead advocates of this approach supported sending revolutionary cadre to "swim among the masses like fish in the sea" or attempting to establish guerilla foco as romantically theorized by Regis Debray and carried out with disastrous results by Che Guevara."
  • "But, it is ok for maoist terrorists backed by islamists in Nepal to dethrone a traditional King."