Definition of "manoeuvre" []

  • Chiefly British Variant of maneuver. (noun)
  • A contrived, complicated, and possibly deceptive plan or action (noun)

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  • A movement or action requiring dexterity and skill (noun)
  • A tactic or movement of one or a number of military or naval units (noun)
  • Tactical exercises, usually on a large scale (noun)
  • A planned movement of an aircraft in flight (noun)
  • Any change from the straight steady course of a ship (noun)
  • To contrive or accomplish with skill or cunning (verb)
  • To manipulate situations, etc, in order to gain some end (verb)
  • To perform a manoeuvre or manoeuvres (verb)
  • To move or deploy or be moved or deployed, as military units, etc (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "manoeuvre" in a sentence
  • "A common understanding of fairness ought to dictate that this kind of manoeuvre is not worthy of a long discussion."
  • "The term "danger play" is less frequently found in the literature; it refers to a manoeuvre that guards against an unlikely distribution but loses a vital trick if the lie of cards is more or less normal."
  • "Obviously, my sense of maneuver/manoeuvre is a broad overall approach to a whole range of issues, of which “challenge” is only one …"