Definition of "man-days" [man-days]

  • Plural form of man-day. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "man-days" in a sentence
  • "During 1943, a total of 3,752 strikes took place in the U.S., involving more than 13 million man-days of labor."
  • "For high quality you'd want at least two people proofing each page; so, for SF paperbacks of the 1960s, around 200 pages * 252 seconds * 2 people = 28 man-hours, or 3.5 man-days assuming eight-hour workdays, just for proofing not counting scanning, or adding formatting mark-up, or re-proofing after the mark-up is added to make sure it displays correctly on various ebook platforms."
  • "I think mostly I could produce a better-than-print quality ebook in about two man-days."