Definition of "malice" [mal•ice]

  • (noun) A desire to harm others or to see others suffer; extreme ill will or spite.
  • (noun) Law The intent, without just cause or reason, to commit a wrongful act that will result in harm to another.

Use "malice" in a sentence

  • "II. i.146 (403,3) put on the vouch of very malice itself] _To put on the vouch of malice_, is to assume a character vouched by the testimony of malice itself."
  • "In law the term malice and its adverbial form maliciously have two meanings: "legal malice" (also known as "malice in law"), and"
  • "If your client is who I think he is, then the jury needs to know it because he would have been fleeing and he would have tried to kill the sheriff and he would have tried it with what you call malice in mind."

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