Definition of "malays" []

  • A member of a people living chiefly in Malaysia and Indonesia who are descendants of Mongoloid immigrants (noun)
  • The language of this people, belonging to the Malayo-Polynesian family (noun)
  • Of or relating to the Malays or their language (adjective) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "malays" in a sentence
  • "It is time to define who the 'malays' really are and to correctly define them."
  • "But for the record, Malaysia cannot unite, unless, you first correctly identity the 'malays'."
  • "All of these candidates will not have addressed the basic causes of our economic malays, the critical issue of faith based, free trade policies over the past decade that have devastated our working men and women and their families, policies that have enlarged our trade debt to more than $6 trillion and fiscal policies that have led to better than $9 trillion national debt while the dollar plummets."
  • "The Chinese and Indians are made to feel as if Malaysia is for the malays, and not for the citizens of Malaysia."
  • "How many of you all will agree that the policies are not benefiting the malays?"
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