Definition of "majordomo" [majordomo]

  • (noun) The head servant or official in a royal Spanish or Italian household; later, any head servant in a wealthy household in a foreign country; a leading servant or butler.
  • (noun) A manager of a hacienda, ranch or estate.
  • (noun) Any overseer, organizer, person in command.

Use "majordomo" in a sentence

  • "The majordomo was a tall, blue-skinned Bolian dressed in a tuxedo, and he seemed eminently above it all and bored with it at the same time."
  • "The majordomo was a high-ranking slave who had the duty of relaying the Queen's orders when it came to whom she would see and whom she would not."
  • "Upon that she related that the majordomo had given orders to the Bargello, and that I should certainly be taken up: only, if I would not harbour her son, I might square accounts by paying her a hundred crowns; the majordomo was her crony, and I might rest assured that she could work him to her liking, provided I paid down the hundred crowns."

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