Definition of "maffia" []

  • A secret society which organized in Sicily as a political organization, but is now widespread among Italians, and is used to further or protect private interests, reputedly by illegal methods; called also the Sicilian Mafia. (noun)
  • A group of loosely associated of criminal organizations in the United States, some having ties to the Sicilian Mafia, and organized in “families”; the term is applied to the entire group of organizations, or to any one local group. Also, loosely, organized groups of criminals anywhere, as the Russian mafia. (noun)
  • Any tightly knit group of trusted associates having strong control or influence in some area. (noun)

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Use "maffia" in a sentence
  • "Which is why it is so important to have agnostic or atheist scholars engaged in the Jesus search who can point out the worst excesses of the belief "maffia" - scholars such as James Crossley or Maurice Casey."
  • ""Compared to the Catholic church, the maffia is a charitable organization"."
  • "Jah, ma tean, et iga kord kui Milanos kraanat näed, siis tuleb mõelda "maffia" või "korrumpeerunud poliitik (ud)"."