Definition of "madero" []

  • A city in central Mexico, northeast of Mexico City: became a pilgrimage centre after an Indian convert had a vision of the Virgin Mary here in 1531. Pop: 668 500 (2000 est) (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "madero" in a sentence
  • "Quote madera de bromoWouldn't that be bromo de madero?"
  • "A quien aorco de vn madero -- vn artio en que razon se fundaua -- Por la esclaua que le quita el omizido -- la uida ynjustamte."
  • "There are other species highly prized by the lumber industry and thus endangered such as golden trumpet (Tabebuia chrysantha), laurel (Cordia allidora), cedar (Cedrela sp.), ebony (Ziziphus thyrsiflora), "madero negro" (Tabebuia billbergii) and "colorado" (Simira ecuadorensis)."