Definition of "machine-shop" [machine-shop]

  • A workshop in which machines or parts of machines are made and repaired. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "machine-shop" in a sentence
  • "Sentenced to a merciless work detail in the subterranean drainpipe after one of Munsey's stool pigeons is killed in a machine-shop accident, Collins determines to hatch a breakout plan with his cellmates."
  • "In 1950, we're told, "FBI agents in New York arrest Lower East Side machine-shop owner Julius Rosenberg, implicated by his brother-in-law David Greenglass in stealing the Secret of the Whatzit, and NBC's We the People broadcasts an interview with Matt Cvetic, longtime double agent within the Communist Party's Pittsburgh chapter, telling a tale of treason and subversion that is currently serialized in the Saturday Evening Post and will soon be acquired by Warner Bros.""
  • "Instead of looking like some rich man's library, all burled wood and leather, this all-metal cockpit looks like machine-shop equipment."