Definition of "lymph" []

  • A clear, watery, sometimes faintly yellowish fluid derived from body tissues that contains white blood cells and circulates throughout the lymphatic system, returning to the venous bloodstream through the thoracic duct. Lymph acts to remove bacteria and certain proteins from the tissues, transport fat from the small intestine, and supply mature lymphocytes to the blood. (noun)
  • Archaic A spring or stream of pure, clear water. (noun)
  • The almost colourless fluid, containing chiefly white blood cells, that is collected from the tissues of the body and transported in the lymphatic system (noun)

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Use "lymph" in a sentence
  • "As I have said, this lymph is a wonderful discovery."
  • "They accumulate in lymph nodes, spleen and lymph tissues of the small intestines or the thymus gland (located in the middle of the upper chest)."
  • "Swelling occurs in lymph nodes under the arms, in the groin, chest and in the neck."