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Definition of "lucerna" [lucerna]

  • An ancient lamp. See lucern. (noun)
  • A quasi-popular name for the lantern-gurnard, Trigla obscura, given in allusion to the brilliant silvery band along the side of this fish. (noun)
  • [capitalized] A genus of pulmonale gastropods, of the family Helicidæ, having the aperture toothed and more or less twisted. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "lucerna" in a sentence
  • "Legend links the name "Lucerne" from the Latin lucerna, meaning "lamp" with an angel who, with light streaming from his fingertips, indicated to eighth-century Benedictine monks the site on which they should build the city's first chapel."
  • "Maria antonieta reyes lucerna puentes sanchez lopez del cortez alvarez on Nov 13, 2008"
  • "E lecto surgens nudus et absque calceis, accensa lucerna omnia obiens et lustrans, et vix somno indulgens."