Definition of "locus" []

  • A locality; a place. (noun)
  • A center or focus of great activity or intense concentration: "the cunning exploitation of loci of power; the insulation from normal American society” ( Clifton Fadiman). (noun)
  • Mathematics The set or configuration of all points whose coordinates satisfy a single equation or one or more algebraic conditions. (noun)
  • The position that a given gene occupies on a chromosome. (noun)
  • (in many legal phrases) a place or area, esp the place where something occurred (noun)

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  • A set of points whose location satisfies or is determined by one or more specified conditions (noun)
  • The position of a particular gene on a chromosome (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "locus" in a sentence
  • "We can argue about whether the White House or the Hill was the main locus of the madness, but it was truly mad."
  • "The locus is a coalition of forty church congregations who battled the city of New York for vacant land in order to build owner-occupied row houses."
  • "Kucherlapati, R.S. Insertion of DNA sequences into the human chromosomal beta-globin locus by homologous recombination."