Definition of "loading" []

  • A weight placed on something else; a burden. (noun)
  • A substance added to something else; a filler. (noun)
  • An addition to an insurance premium. (noun)
  • Electricity The addition of inductance to a transmission line to improve its transmission characteristics. (noun)
  • A load or burden; weight (noun)

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  • The addition of an inductance to electrical equipment, such as a transmission line or aerial, to improve its performance (noun)
  • An addition to an insurance premium to cover expenses, provide a safer profit margin, etc (noun)
  • The ratio of the gross weight of an aircraft to its engine power (power loading), wing area (wing loading), or some other parameter, or of the gross weight of a helicopter to its rotor disc area (disc loading) (noun)
  • The correlation of a factor, such as a personality trait, with a performance score derived from a psychological test (noun)
  • Material, such as china clay or size, added to paper, textiles, or similar materials to produce a smooth surface, increase weight, etc (noun)
  • A payment made in addition to a basic wage or salary to reward special skills, compensate for unfavourable conditions, etc (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "loading" in a sentence
  • "It is traditional to pay $20 Pesos which includes a tip for the driver and, as they are always helpful in loading and unloading one´s groceries, the tab for that service might call for another three pesos or so."
  • "The glaring contradiction posed by the obviously symmetrical carbon dioxide concentrations in both hemispheres while the anthropogenic loading is primarily in the North."
  • ""Well, Shorty, you and Mr Smoke had better begin loading the boat.""