Definition of "little" [lit•tle]

  • (adjective) Small in size: a little dining room. See Synonyms at small.
  • (adjective) Short in extent or duration; brief: There is little time left.
  • (adjective) Small in quantity or degree: little money.
  • (adjective) Unimportant; trivial: a little matter.
  • (adjective) Narrow; petty: mean little comments; a little mind consumed with trivia.

Use "little" in a sentence

  • "By the end, it's almost arbitrary which is little comfort, I know, but hopefully it is, well....a *little* comfort"
  • "But now I is a little older a *little* only and can use mah newfound maturity to turn those naughty bois over mah knee and teach them some manners."
  • "I love all the little treats, candies, lipgloss..little slippers, cards, ribbons.. love that red w/ white polka dot ribbon.."

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