Definition of "lite" []

  • Slang Having less substance or weight or fewer calories than something else: "lite music, shimmering on the surface and squishy soft at the core” ( Mother Jones). (adjective)
  • (of food and drink) containing few calories or little alcohol or fat (adjective)

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  • Denoting a more restrained or less extreme version of a person or thing (adjective) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "lite" in a sentence
  • "Answer ithica model 37 featherlite depending on what guage can vary in price by condition gun blue book has the 16 g at 150 to 450 depending on condition. the ultra lite is the one that has increased in value due to the low production numbers word diamonds visualization words Bible www."
  • "Tactical Nuclear Penguin lite = 25 % instead of 30 % for full strength."
  • "Clay a friend of mine shoots a 264 and has good luck with it, I just dont like shootin lite bullets at that vel at anything bigger than a coyote."