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Definition of "lipper" [lipper]

  • Same as leaper. (noun)
  • A thin piece of blubber cut in oblong shape, with slits in it, used to wipe up gurry or slumgullion from the deck of a whaler. (noun)
  • A large metal ladle used for scooping up the oil from the deck of a whaler. (noun)
  • To wipe with a lipper: followed by off: as, to lipper off the deck.
  • Wet; rainy.

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "lipper" in a sentence
  • "Brad Pitt packing a lipper is the kind of publicity tobacco companies can no longer buy, at least not legally."
  • "Tim, last night there was a quick close-up of a player in the dugout packing a lipper."
  • "That was blowin 'a fresh o' wind, an 'he jest lay down in the lee scuppers, and' I can't get no wetter, Posh, 'he say, and let the lipper slosh oover him."