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Definition of "linen-draper" [linen-draper]

  • A person who deals in linen goods and related articles. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "linen-draper" in a sentence
  • "Her father, who had been dead only two years, was a linen-draper in the city; he had six daughters, of whom herself was the youngest, and only one son."
  • "A linen-draper, writing to The Times 4 June 1830, noted that when King George IV took ill, his very successful trade in "coloured silks, prints, ribands, and every kind of fancy and coloured goods" had stopped and he went on to say that "all my hopes are blighted.""
  • "“Fanny Malvaut,” came to me from a linen-draper on the highway to bankruptcy."