Definition of "limit" []

  • The point, edge, or line beyond which something cannot or may not proceed. (noun)
  • The boundary surrounding a specific area; bounds: within the city limits. (noun)
  • A confining or restricting object, agent, or influence. (noun)
  • The greatest or least amount, number, or extent allowed or possible: a withdrawal limit of $200; no minimum age limit. (noun)
  • Games The largest amount which may be bet at one time in games of chance. (noun)
  • The ultimate extent, degree, or amount of something (noun)

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  • The boundary or edge of a specific area (noun)
  • The area of premises within specific boundaries (noun)
  • The largest quantity or amount allowed (noun)
  • A value to which a function f(x) approaches as closely as desired as the independent variable approaches a specified value (x = a) or approaches infinity (noun)
  • A value to which a sequence an approaches arbitrarily close as n approaches infinity (noun)
  • The limit of a sequence of partial sums of a convergent infinite series (noun)
  • One of the two specified values between which a definite integral is evaluated (noun)
  • To restrict or confine, as to area, extent, time, etc (verb)
  • To agree, fix, or assign specifically (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "limit" in a sentence
  • "If men's wages fall below a certain limit, they become tramps, thieves, and robbers; but woman's wages _have no limit_, since she can always work for less than she can subsist upon, the _paths of shame being open to her_."
  • "A $limit of "- 1″," 0″, or NULL means "no limit" and, as is standard across PHP, you can use NULL to skip to the $flags parameter. flags: Can be a combination of the flags defined below (combined with the bitwise "|" operator)."
  • "$pattern. pattern: The pattern to search for, as a string. limit: If specified, then only substrings up to $limit are returned with the rest of the string being placed in the last substring."