Definition of "light" []

  • Physics Electromagnetic radiation that has a wavelength in the range from about 4,000 (violet) to about 7,700 (red) angstroms and may be perceived by the normal unaided human eye. (noun)
  • Physics Electromagnetic radiation of any wavelength. (noun)
  • The sensation of perceiving light; brightness: a sudden light that made me blink. (noun)
  • A source of light, especially a lamp, a lantern, or an electric lighting fixture: Turn out the lights when you leave. (noun)
  • The illumination derived from a source of light: by the light of the moon. (noun)
  • The medium of illumination that makes sight possible (noun)

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  • Electromagnetic radiation that is capable of causing a visual sensation and has wavelengths from about 380 to about 780 nanometres (noun)
  • Electromagnetic radiation that has a wavelength outside this range, esp ultraviolet radiation (noun)
  • The sensation experienced when electromagnetic radiation within the visible spectrum falls on the retina of the eye (noun)
  • Anything that illuminates, such as a lamp or candle (noun)
  • A particular quality or type of light (noun)
  • Illumination from the sun during the day; daylight (noun)
  • The time this appears; daybreak; dawn (noun)
  • Anything that allows the entrance of light, such as a window or compartment of a window (noun)
  • The condition of being visible or known (esp in the phrases bring or come to light) (noun)
  • An aspect or view (noun)
  • Mental understanding or spiritual insight (noun)
  • A person considered to be an authority or leader (noun)
  • Brightness of countenance, esp a sparkle in the eyes (noun)
  • The act of igniting or kindling something, such as a cigarette (noun)
  • Something that ignites or kindles, esp in a specified manner, such as a spark or flame (noun)
  • Something used for igniting or kindling, such as a match (noun)
  • The effect of illumination on objects or scenes, as created in a picture (noun)
  • An area of brightness in a picture, as opposed to shade (noun)
  • The answer to a clue in a crossword (noun)
  • Full of light; well-lighted (adjective)
  • (of a colour) reflecting or transmitting a large amount of light (adjective)
  • Relating to or denoting an (l) pronounced with front vowel resonance; clear (adjective)
  • To ignite or cause to ignite (verb)
  • To illuminate or cause to illuminate (verb)
  • To make or become cheerful or animated (verb)
  • To guide or lead by light (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "light" in a sentence
  • "A change in the direction of a small portion of the sun's light passing by the solid body of the moon, it being deflected outward by repulsion or reflection from its surface, and other portions being deflected inward after passing the body by mutual repulsion of its own elements toward a _light vacuum_ or space devoid of the element of vibration."
  • "We also hold these lights in our hands to honor Christ, and to acknowledge him as the _true light_, [5] whom they represent under this character, and who is called by holy Simeon in this mystery, _a light for the enlightening of the"
  • "_Delight_ is naturally formed by the participle _de_ and _light_, to make light, in the same way as "debase," to make base, "defile," to make foul."