Definition of "lieing" []

  • Common misspelling of lying. (verb) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "lieing" in a sentence
  • "What we witnessed in this and many of her other flaws [lieing] is what has hurt Hillary."
  • "RSS you stated no one, I mearly pointed out you are full of Rovian bull with a small amount of facts, and what about thne 8 year reserve obligations, that would mean somebiody who signed one in 2000 would have oh say two years left, thus no enlistment or re-up before deployment and the stop loss are real, just because you sit home hiding behind a computor when others are invokluntarily extended, lieing is not going to change the facts others face."
  • "I'm in the camp that he was stretching the truth aka lieing at the end when he told her he knew her."
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