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Definition of "lente" [lente]

  • A lentil. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "lente" in a sentence
  • "“Be it what it like, Mrs. Dods, ye are right heartily welcome here, and we have a’ the day to speak of the business in hand — festina lente, that is the true law language — hooly and fairly, as one may say — ill treating of business with an empty stomach — and here comes your tea, and I hope"
  • "L'ancien président américain Bill Clinton, émissaire spécial des Nations Unies en Haïti, a nié lundi à Port-au-Prince que l'aide humanitaire ait été trop "lente" à parvenir aux Haïtiens après le séisme de mardi."
  • "Incidentally, some years Great Basin bristlecone pines awaken in late June, discern (exactly how remains a mystery) that pending summer conditions will be inhospitable; drop back into dormancy drawing upon meager sugar reserves, enabling them to survive for another sleepy 12 months: Giving an entirely new meaning to Fastina lente or make haste slowly."