Definition of "lax" []

  • Lacking in rigor, strictness, or firmness. See Synonyms at negligent. (adjective)
  • Not taut, firm, or compact; slack. See Synonyms at loose. (adjective)
  • Loose and not easily retained or controlled. Used of bowel movements. (adjective)
  • Linguistics Pronounced with the muscles of the tongue and jaw relatively relaxed, as the vowel (ĕ) in let. (adjective)
  • Lacking firmness; not strict (adjective)

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  • Lacking precision or definition (adjective)
  • Not taut (adjective)
  • (of a speech sound) pronounced with little muscular effort and consequently having relatively imprecise accuracy of articulation and little temporal duration. In English the vowel i in bit is lax (adjective)
  • (of flower clusters) having loosely arranged parts (adjective) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "lax" in a sentence
  • "Five years later, the FSA ordered Citibank Japan to suspend sales activities at the bank's retail business, including advertising, for a month for what it called lax policies to protect against money laundering."
  • "ZURICH—Swiss regulator Finma may discipline four banks for having what it called lax controls on accepting money from foreign public officials associated with deposed Middle Eastern and North African leaders, but generally found that the country's lenders complied with anti-money-laundering rules."
  • "Speaking to security officials, Mr. Medvedev said airport officials and police responsible for what he called lax security at Moscow's Domodedovo Airport would be punished."