Definition of "law-book" [law-book]

  • A book relating to law, or containing laws or reports of cases. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "law-book" in a sentence
  • "Since both Mary Emma and Dan are now fit, they use the multipurpose room for her book club, his law-book writing and grandkids 'art projects."
  • "But at the same wage, I'd get smelly and need a shower for the same dosh if I never had to use a calculator or a PC or a law-book or a technical website at work again."
  • "My friend Caroline, a fellow Law & Order addict, can pinpoint the precise moment when Jack McCoy's assistant D. A.'s begin to "evolve" (we think the word is "regress") from law-book grinds into glamour babes, preparing to depart from the show for the greener pastures of higher-paying roles, stardom, a celebrity marriage."