Definition of "lap" []

  • The front area from the waist to the knees of a seated person. (noun)
  • The portion of a garment that covers the lap. (noun)
  • A hanging or flaplike part, especially of a garment. (noun)
  • An area of responsibility, interest, or control: an opportunity that dropped in his lap. (noun)
  • The lap of luxury Conditions of great affluence or material comfort: an heiress living in the lap of luxury. (idiom)
  • One circuit of a racecourse or track (noun)

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  • A stage or part of a journey, race, etc (noun)
  • An overlapping part or projection (noun)
  • The extent of overlap (noun)
  • The length of material needed to go around an object (noun)
  • A rotating disc coated with fine abrasive for polishing gemstones (noun)
  • Any device for holding a fine abrasive to polish materials (noun)
  • A defect in rolled metals caused by the folding of a fin onto the surface (noun)
  • A sheet or band of fibres, such as cotton, prepared for further processing (noun)
  • To wrap or fold (around or over) (verb)
  • To enclose or envelop in (verb)
  • To place or lie partly or completely over or project beyond (verb)
  • To envelop or surround with comfort, love, etc (verb)
  • To be folded (verb)
  • To overtake (an opponent) in a race so as to be one or more circuits ahead (verb)
  • To polish or cut (a workpiece, gemstone, etc) with a fine abrasive, esp to hone (mating metal parts) against each other with an abrasive (verb)
  • To form (fibres) into a sheet or band (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "lap" in a sentence
  • "_lip, lap, lip, lap_ you hear is made by their tails."
  • "Anyway, the title lap was run, and afterward Lewis brought back some sand he had scooped up from the pit, and the flag he had carried and other memorabilia, and handed them over to be auctioned off for the Wendy foundation. """
  • "In his lap is a wonderful little house dog named Kingsley, property of one Attackerman."