Definition of "lanthanum" [lan•tha•num]

  • A soft, silvery-white, malleable, ductile, metallic rare-earth element, obtained chiefly from monazite and bastnaesite and used in glass manufacture and with other rare earths in carbon lights for movie and television studio lighting. Atomic number 57; atomic weight 138.91; melting point 920°C; boiling point 3,469°C; specific gravity 5.98 to 6.186; valence 3. See Table at element. (noun)

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Use "lanthanum" in a sentence
  • "Using material mined in past years, Molycorp produces rare-earth elements such as lanthanum, which is used in oil refining, and cerium, used in glass polishing and automotive catalytic converters."
  • "A metal oxide complex called lanthanum strontium manganite is ferromagnetic in large quantities."
  • "The cost of quotas has become exorbitant for users of lanthanum, which is vital for the catalytic converters that clean the tailpipe pollution of conventional, gasoline-powered cars."