Definition of "lamprey" []

  • Any of various primitive elongated freshwater or anadromous fishes of the family Petromyzontidae, characteristically having a jawless sucking mouth with rasping teeth. Also called lamper eel. (noun)
  • Any eel-like cyclostome vertebrate of the family Petromyzonidae, having a round sucking mouth for clinging to and feeding on the blood of other animals (noun)

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Use "lamprey" in a sentence
  • "The lamprey is the octopus, the devil-fish, of these waters, and there is, perhaps, no tragedy enacted here that equals that of one of these vampires slowly sucking the life out of a bass or a trout."
  • "His death was caused, in the year 1135, by eating too much of the fish called lamprey, and he was buried in"
  • "Currently, the lamprey is a species of concern, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife"