Definition of "lamb" []

  • A young sheep, especially one that is not yet weaned. (noun)
  • The flesh of a young sheep used as meat. (noun)
  • Lambskin. (noun)
  • A sweet, mild-mannered person; a dear. (noun)
  • One who can be duped or cheated especially in financial matters. (noun)
  • The young of a sheep (noun)

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  • The meat of a young sheep (noun)
  • A person, esp a child, who is innocent, meek, good, etc (noun)
  • A person easily deceived (noun)
  • (of a ewe) to give birth (verb)
  • (of a lamb) to be born (verb)
  • (of a shepherd) to tend the ewes and newborn lambs at lambing time (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "lamb" in a sentence
  • ""Did you ever see such a lamb, such a _lamb_ as he is when he's ill?""
  • "A little lamb, _lamb_, LAMB, and elaborating that point with anxious gravity, was to receive a practical demonstration of the eternal unfitness of things. ""
  • ""I don't see much difference," retorted Miss Dabstreak, "except that you say it _is_ lamb, and I say it is _lamb_."