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Definition of "laie" [laie]

  • An obsolete form of lay.
  • An obsolete preterit of lie.
  • An obsolete form of lay. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "laie" in a sentence
  • "Moreouer, it is to be noted, that this was called The laie mans parlement, bicause the shiriffes were appointed to haue a speciall regard, that none should be chosen knights for the counties, nor burgesses for the cities and townes, that had any skill in the lawes of the land."
  • "Baieux and Caen, which cities when he had furnished with sufficient garisons of men, he repassed the sea into England, bicause the winter approched, and the wether waxed troublesome for such as laie in the field."
  • "Their manners are partly prayse-worthie, and partly detestable: For they are more obedient vnto their lords and masters, then any other either clergie or laie-people in the whole world."