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Definition of "lahu" [lahu]

  • A Loloish language (noun)

WordNet. Princeton University. 2010.

Use "lahu" in a sentence
  • "This is the first outburst of Mohamadan bigotry we have met, and by those who know so little of the creed that it is questionable if one of them can repeat the formula: “La illaha illa lahu Mohamad Rasulela salla lahu, a leihi oa Salama.”"
  • "For instance, chap. X, v. 1, "The Lord appointed other seventy also," where the Maya has _xan lahcatu cankal_, "seventy-two;" and again chap. XV, v. 4, the ninety-nine sheep are increased to _bolon lahu uaxackal_, one hundred and fifty-nine!"
  • "So "bu'dan lahu" = away with him, abeat in malam rem; and "Suhkan lahu" = Allah and mercy be far from him, no hope for him I"
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