Definition of "lactescent" [lac•tes•cent]

  • Becoming milky. (adjective)
  • Milky. (adjective)
  • Biology Secreting or yielding a milky juice, as certain plants and insects. (adjective)

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Use "lactescent" in a sentence
  • "a similar pleasure may be occasioned to the parent by seeing and touching the egg or fetus after its birth; and in lactescent animals an additional pleasure is produced, by the new secretion of milk, as well as by its emission into the sucking lips of the infant."
  • "The recurrence, moreover, of pregnancy in the lactescent female may render the milk of a bad quality, and will invariably lessen its quantity."
  • "That mental inquietude will impede digestion is a fact familiar to almost every one; but, I believe, it is not so generally known, that it will with no less certainty retard and alter the nature of the secretion furnished by the breasts of the lactescent female."
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