Definition of "lacteous" [lac•te•ous]

  • Milky; resembling milk (adjective)
  • Lacteal; conveying chyle (adjective) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "lacteous" in a sentence
  • "And there might have been other inducements -- such as the hope of getting a few pounds of white sugar, a pitcher of milk (delicious, lacteous fluid, for which we had yearned so often amid the briny waves); and last, but not least, a hamper of blue-nosed potatoes."
  • ""Certainly -- it is a yellowish, fatty substance concocted by human agency supposedly from the lacteous secretion of the graminivorous quadruped familiarly known as the common (or garden) cow.""
  • "Look contentedly upon the scattered difference of things, and expect not equality in lustre, dignity, or perfection, in regions or persons below; where numerous numbers must be content to stand like lacteous or nebulous stars, little taken notice of, or dim in their generations."
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