Definition of "lachrymosity" []

  • Given to weeping; tearful (adjective)
  • Mournful; sad (adjective) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "lachrymosity" in a sentence
  • "It was the young women who were supposed to have been optimistic and breezy about the future, the old ones who were meant to feel pessimistic, but here was Steinem, buoyant and dry-eyed in the face of a youthful lachrymosity."
  • "Having listened this morning to John Tusa present a programme on Radio 4 recalling the brutal Russian extirpation of the Prague Spring in August 1968, I found myself moved to an outbreak of lachrymosity - just as I was forty years ago at the moment of Czechoslovakia's prostration - at the anguish of her people and their dignity in grave adversity."
  • "As the American Primary/Caucus season cranks into a frenzy of campaigning, claim, counter-claim, low blow and moments of pathos (or, in the case of hard-nosed, hard-faced Hillary Clinton, a carefully contrived moment of pseudo-lachrymosity), take heed of the rude good health of American democracy."
  • "If such a metaphor had been tried in Global Woman, I would have dinged the writer for lachrymosity — but yes, to get to yon Isle of White, we pass taquerias, a check-cashing joint, a group of weary-looking Hispanic women standing at the bus stop."
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