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Definition of "lacertian" []

  • Lizard-like. (adjective) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "lacertian" in a sentence
  • "Elgin in Scotland, containing the bones of lacertian, crocodilian, and rhynchosaurian reptiles, may not be referable to the "Old Red" or Devonian group."
  • "In the Coal Measures, the reptiles hitherto found, -- and it is still little more than ten years since the first was detected, -- are all allied, though not without a cross of the higher crocodilian or lacertian nature, to the batrachian order, -- that lowest order of the reptiles to which the frogs, newts, and salamanders belong."
  • "It is manifested by the combination of modern crocodilian, chelonian, and lacertian characters in the Cryptodontia and the Dicnyodontia, and by the combined lacertian and crocodilian characters in the Thecodontia and Sauropterygia. ""