Definition of "labour-saving" []

  • A machine, gadget, etc, that reduces (human) effort, hard work or labour (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "labour-saving" in a sentence
  • "Mass immigration, however, does help employers, not only to keep their labour-cost significantly low, but also to spare them from having to invest in labour-saving methods of production."
  • "Closing libraries to save money is like cutting off the blood supply to the brain as a labour-saving device for the heart."
  • "Then, with the development of trading and capitalism, of exploration and exploitation of new lands, and with the invention of labour-saving machinery and the discovery and application of scientific principles, was brought about a tremendous increase in Europe's food-getting efficiency."
  • "“A labour-saving device for mariners, navigation reduced to kindergarten simplicity,” he answered gaily."
  • "Had the Black Plague never came or was significantly less severe as to not disrupt the social order then Western progress may never have happened as there would have plenty of people to keep wages low and have no one to have an incentive to look at labour-saving machinery."