Definition of "labiodental" [la•bi•o•den•tal]

  • Articulated with the lower lip and upper teeth, as the sounds (f) and (v). (adjective)
  • A labiodental sound. (noun)

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Use "labiodental" in a sentence
  • "By that time, Olson apparently was still convinced that this phoneme wasn't a labio-dental flap: The bilabial flap is a sound very similar to what is elsewhere called the labiodental flap, but the articulation is slightly different."
  • "Now, this is a matter of detail perhaps but worth noting since p has occasionally eroded to f in Etruscan, particularly next to tautosyllabic u, and this sort of lenition can only rationally happen with a bilabial phoneme, not a labiodental one."
  • "An alternation between a bilabial and labiodental sound is comparatively less economic."
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